Reasons for Reading


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I read for many reasons. One reason is that I was bored over the summer and decided to try some books. I started Wuthering Heights Emily Brontë and got about halfway through when I finally decided that I couldn’t understand many of the words and the plot was rather boring for my specific taste. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the book A Separate Peace by John Knowles. It was about a boy who reminisces on his days in boarding with his boisterous friend. Some other interesting books that I’ve read are Skellig by David Almond and Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt. Skellig was really moving and included a lot of symbolism such as the owls and the half/human, half/angel animal. Wednesday Wars had many subtle jokes and the main character described high school pretty realistically.

One of my lifelong desires is to publish a poetry book about animals such as tigers and bunnies. My reasoning is that I love animals and poetry is very free-spirited. However, I find that a book about tennis would be quite intriguing if I had the time and facts. What sort of book would you like to write?

Window or Mirror?


                Recently I read a book called Silver by Chris Wooding. It was one of the first post-apocalyptic books I’ve ever read. I find that this book was more of a window for me because I’ve never gone to a boarding school or been chased by zombies. Also, being in sixth grade, I haven’t experienced much “romance”. Overall, I think that this book really helped open new doors for my literary side.

My Tennis Background

                                                        Photo from Unsplash                                                                             

                 I’ve been playing tennis ever since the summer after 1st grade when my parents enrolled me in a tennis camp. I thoroughly enjoyed it because there were only three kids including me around my age so we goofed off a lot. For several years I played on and off with tennis because I was more interested in soccer. However, sometime in third grade I decided that I wanted to drop soccer and become more serious about tennis. Now, I play tennis at least four times a week and I’m on a junior tennis team at Docta.

Camp Kirkwood

                                                                            It was a Wednesday morning and everyone was babbling about how psyched they were for Camp Kirkwood and how they hoped it wouldn’t rain much.  Although Hurricane Idalia was headed towards Watha, North Carolina, we were still going to camp. On the bus ride, I sat with Addie while numerous people sang Taylor Swift.Once we arrived we rushed to the pavilion where we were then instructed on where our cabins were. Later that day we ate ravenously at lunchtime then continued on to do some group activities. Dinner that night was spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread. 

      The next day, we woke up to a flooded lake and water touching our cabin! After breakfast we learned about trees and then played some more games with our groups. Later in the day we played an epic game of soccer with the final score 0-0 because both of the goalies were great. Afterwards, we went to my favorite activity, the v-swing. The v-swing is where you get pulled up by a rope and you’re attached with some hooks to another rope. Then, you pull a small rope and start swinging in a v motion, hence the name. 

     By the time we were finished, it was dinner time so we headed back to the main cabin to eat some barbecue and mac’n’cheese. After finishing our dinner, we headed into the woods for a campfire and s’mores. Once that was finished, we all got to go to bed in anticipation for the next morning. That morning, we went on the  zipline and then left. On the bus ride back, we were all sleepy. In the last hour, I talked to Julia B. about Halloween costumes and random stuff.